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Bring out the artist in you, and doodle for Google!

21 August, 2009

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you visualise the Google homepage? The colourful, characteristic Google logo, of course! But every now and then, on a few special days, visitors to the Google homepage sometimes see something different -- creative, catchy, artistic variations of the regular Google logo. These "doodles" appear on some special days, to commemorate scientific and artistic achievements, historic or seasonal events, and other local occasions. Their eye-catching designs also often teach you something new about a day, event or occasion whenever you happen to stumble upon them.

Today, we are announcing Doodle 4 Google, our first ever ‘doodling’ competition in India, to give any school student in India the chance to draw on the most exciting canvas in the world, by creating a doodle for the Google India homepage, to be seen by millions of Google users!!

The theme of this competition is "My India", and we’re asking students to create a doodle for us by giving a pictorial depiction of what India means to them. The winning doodle will be displayed on our home page,, on Children’s Day, November 14, 2009. The final winner will also win a laptop for himself/herself, and a technology grant of Rs.1,00,000 for his/her school.

Announcing the launch of the Doodle 4 Google competition, Arvind Desikan, Head of Consumer Marketing from Google said, "Creativity, innovation, and a sense of fun are at the heart of Google’s culture and beliefs. Through Doodle 4 Google, we hope to celebrate the immense creative talent and richness of ideas of students across the country. We are delighted to be able to give school students across India the opportunity to doodle for Google."

Doodles will be judged on artistic merit, creativity and the communication of the "My India" theme. The judging panel will include faculty and students of the National Institute of Design (NID), Ahmedabad, our Doodle 4 Google partner institute and one of India’s foremost institutions in the field of design education, as well as renowned cartoonist N. Ponnappa, and young emerging Indian artist Raghava K.K.

Pradyumna Vyas, Director of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad said: "NID’s mission is to foster world-class design education and promote design awareness and excellence while rooted to the cultural ethos and traditions of our country. At the same time, we want to make design education relevant to today’s context, and demonstrate the social and economic benefits of design, especially the pivotal role it plays in social development. We are happy to collaborate with Google’s Doodle 4 Google initiative, and we are certain that it will encourage the creative art and design talent of young students all across India, many of whom may be the finest design minds of the future."

According to Ponnappa, "A culturally diverse, vibrant emerging superpower that India is, this Doodle 4 Google competition is bound to open the eyes of the world to the immense creativity and talent that young Indians have to offer. I look forward with great anticipation to seeing the spontaneity, simplicity and surprise in the artwork."

"Doodle 4 Google will unleash our young creative potential. Cartoons make people laugh and think -- I am confident that our kids, the storehouses of Indian creativity, will give Google a doodle to remember," remarks Raghava K.K.

From among all the entries received, 45 of the best doodles will be chosen by the judges and displayed on the Doodle 4 Google website, where people can vote for their favourite doodle in each of the three age-categories, based on the class in which a participant is studying.. The final winner will be decided by Google’s original doodler and webmaster, Dennis Hwang, who created Google’s first doodles in 2000, and continues to create them even today!

Participating in the competition is simple. Here are a few more details for participants:

For more details, visit

Get started! Put your art on the Google homepage!

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Head, Corporate Communications & Public Affairs
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