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Another reason to have fun on orkut

OpenSocial applications launched on orkut

April 17, 2008

Do you love books and playing games online? Want your friends to know about your favorite hangouts? Now that OpenSocial applications are available on orkut online community, users can expect a more fun and powerful experience on orkut.

These applications, created by third party developers, let you interact with friends and customize your orkut profile by adding games, music, and much more. With over a dozen applications to choose from today and many more on the way, you can share your favourite books with other enthusiasts, tell your friends about your favourite hangouts, and even play games with them. These applications are integrated into user profiles in the same manner as regular orkut features, such as scrapbook or testimonials.

All of the applications are built on the OpenSocial platform, a set of common APIs that enables developers to build social applications that run on many sites, all across the web. The launch of OpenSocial on orkut means that developers can potentially reach tens of millions of orkut users from around the world and hundreds of millions of new users through other OpenSocial container sites.

Indian developers contributed a number of applications, so apps on orkut will also allow for a more ‘desi’ experience on orkut. ‘Hangout’ is one such application that enables orkut users to schedule an event and invite friends to it. Be it a concert or a coffee meeting, you can now let your friends know where to ‘hang out’!

"With so much user interest and enthusiasm around orkut and other interactive websites, it is safe to say that the Web is better when it’s social. Our goal is to constantly make orkut better by releasing new features. With the launch of applications, orkut users will get access to more new features everyday, thereby improving the user experience at a faster rate. These applications will speed up innovation, unleash developers’ creativity, and make the Internet even more enjoyable for users," said Vinay Goel, Head of Products, Google India.

With apps that cover everything from travel to cricket, education to entertainment orkut users can look forward to a more enriching online experience.

Media Contacts:

Roli Agarwal
Communications & Public Affairs Manager
Google India

Kanika Khanna
20:20 MEDIA

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