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Now Search for Hot Trends on Google India Labs

Hourly updates on what Indian users are looking for on Google

February 5, 2008

Google today announced the launch of Google Trends™ and Google Hot Trends™ reports on India Labs (, giving users a chance to find out on an hourly basis what India is searching for on the Google™ search engine. In December 2007, for the first time in India, we released a list of most popular searches called the Zeitgeist™ report. Hot Trends takes the Zeitgeist list to a whole new level, providing an automated hourly snapshot of what’s on our collective mind – from current events to daily crossword puzzle clues to the latest celebrity gossip. For each Hot Trends result, the associated Google News™ and Google web search results appear, providing greater context for each query.

For example, the #1 Hot Trends result on this morning at 10:30 was ‘india vs srilanka.’ The associated web results and associated news search results give you more context and insight into what people are searching for in connection with that term. The interest in this term has spiked due to the one day international cricket match being played in Brisbane. You can view results for other days by changing the date range on the top left hand corner of the Hot Trends page. As you can see, ‘india vs srilanka’ has a Hot Trend status of ‘Volcanic’ which is the hottest its popularity can get. The other Hot Trend statuses are Volcanic, On Fire, Spicy, Medium and Mild.

With Google Trends, users can view search patterns and interest in their favorite topics. They can enter up to five topics and see how often they’ve been searched for on Google over time and even which cities and states have people searching for them the most. Trends also adds context to the results by showing you how frequently the topics you’re looking for has appeared in Google News stories. For example, Zeitgeist had Mahatma Gandhi as our #1 searched for political leader and you can see on Trends that the phrase ‘Mahatma Gandhi’ sees its largest spike in search traffic every year on October 2, Gandhi Jayanthi.

Want to know what India was searching for on the 58th anniversary of the day it adopted the Constitution of India and became a republic? Try out Hot Trends and Trends at for insight into India’s mind.


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