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Orkut celebrates 4th anniversary with more privacy controls

January 30, 2008

orkut users have always found a reason to smile. Now, they have a reason to celebrate. Their beloved orkut has just turned four! What started as an invite-only community has indeed grown up pretty fast, encouraged by the positive response and feedback from users world over. Acting on this feedback, we’ve added even more features around communities, friends, photos, and videos in the last few months. To help you manage the content you post on the site, and what you share with whom and when, we recently launched some new privacy controls that let you restrict who gets to see your photos, videos, testimonials, and scraps.

Privacy control highlights include:

These privacy controls can be easily activated by visiting the privacy tab here:

We’ve also uploaded a video to provide you with an easy tutorial:

As the video shows, keeping information private – or just between your closest friends – is easy and safe when you use these privacy controls. And when you’ve got something that you want the entire orkut community to discover, then allowing everyone to see your profile or your photos is also just a few clicks away.

So go on, be social, and be as private as you wish!

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